[ROOT] SetFillStyle(3007) seems not to work

From: Bernd Reinhold (bernd.reinhold@cern.ch)
Date: Thu Aug 19 2004 - 14:47:29 MEST


The following codelines are part of a compiled c++-program.
7 histograms are drawn into the same canvas. One of the last is h1:
These three lines work, and eventually the setfillstyle0.eps is generated
TFile F=new (...);
TH1D *h1=(TH1D*)F->Get("b");

However the following doesn't work, see setfillstyle3007.eps:
TFile F=new (...);
TH1D *h1=(TH1D*)F->Get("b");

You're help is very much appreciated.

Thanks, Bernd.

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