[ROOT] TBuffer &operator<<

From: hsahn@cosmicray.umd.edu
Date: Tue Aug 24 2004 - 06:02:57 MEST

Dear ROOTers,

I am trying to upgrade from "root3.00, gcc2.96, RH7.3" to "root4.00, 
gcc3.3.2, RH Fedora-Core1."
My program used to work in "root3.00, gcc2.96, RH7.3", but it gives a 
"*** Break *** segmentation violation" followed by "Generating stack 
trace..." in "root4.00, gcc3.3.2, RH Fedora-Core1."
The problem I noticed was, when I commented out "buf<<m_List;" (where, 
TList *m_List) in my Streamer(TBuffer &buf), the error message did not 
show up, even if the output file was not useful anymore.
I can see a lot of differences in "TBuffer.h" between root3 and root4,
and I would like to get help from experts to solve this problem.


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