Re: [ROOT] "ROOST": (boost::shared_ptr<> for ROOT)

From: Rene Brun (
Date: Tue Aug 24 2004 - 08:21:28 MEST

Hi Troy,

This is an interesting and useful set of classes. I suggest you post
an announcement to the ROOT Forum (My ROOT App) at:

Rene Brun

"troy d. straszheim" wrote:
> Hi there roottalk--
> I've prepared a distribution of the "smart pointers" (shared pointers,
> specifically) from the boost libraries (, that
> work with root.  These pointers allow one to forget about "delete" as
> the pointers maintain reference counts of the objects they point to and
> delete, on their own, at the appropriate time.  This is a fairly widely
> used memory management strategy in larger C++ projects.   The ROOST
> shared pointer has exactly the same interface (though hybridized
> internals) as the standard boost shared pointer, for reasons of
> compatibility and consistency.
> Those doing individual analyses, making graphs, running macros and so
> forth probably won't have much of a need for such a technique, but
> those working on larger architectural issues (how am I going to
> integrate root with my framework?)  might be quite interested.  This
> distribution has become possible thanks (*many* thanks) to recent
> improvements in root's handling of templates.   If other boost-related
> techniques are needed in our project and are portable to the root
> environment, I'll be adding these to the ROOST distribution in the
> future.
> The tarball downloads and builds in the standard gnu way.  There are
> some tests that demonstrate that objects can go to and come from ROOT
> files with reference counting and proper behavior intact.   It works on
> the mac and on linux.  I'm available for quesions, and if you have a
> use for the software, please shoot me a mail, let me know it's in use.
> Thanks,
> troy d. straszheim

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