Re: [ROOT] Re: [ROOTDEV] RootX11ErrorHandle : Bad Access (PR#2356)

From: Brett Viren (
Date: Fri Aug 27 2004 - 16:48:25 MEST

Hi Valeriy,

"Valeriy Onuchin" <> writes:

>  Hi,
> the problem is caused by sawfish window manager.
> It has arrow keys shortcuts, e.g  Shift-Alt-Right_Arrow etc. to navigate between descktops
> These key bindings performed on each top level window at its creation time.
> So, if user's program has calls TGFrame::BindKey(arrow_key, any_modifier)  that
> conflicts with sawfish shortcuts. There are two solutions:
> 1. disable/remove sawfish shortcuts which are using arrow keys. Can be done via 
>     control panel or by editting ~/.sawfish/custom 
> 2. use TGFrame::BindKey(arrow_key, 0) /no modifier  instead of 
>           TGFrame::BindKey(arrow_key, any_modifier)  

I'm seeing this problem as well with our ROOT based event display
(this might even be the same application Mike is having troubles
with).  I'm also running the Sawfish WM.

However, I don't find any use of BindKey in our code so it seems the
fix needs to go in the root/gui/ code.


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