Re: [ROOT] Re: [ROOTDEV] RootX11ErrorHandle : Bad Access (PR#2356)

From: Brett Viren (
Date: Fri Aug 27 2004 - 20:08:44 MEST

"Valeriy Onuchin" <> writes:
> We already fixed all gnome/sawfish related problems inside gui.
> Could you tell if you have the same problem runnng "ROOT based event display"
> under KDE?

Ah, okay.  Yes, I've just tested CVS and it works fine.  It was under
4.00/08 that I experienced the problem.

Sorry, I don't have KDE to test on.

> Off-topic: I'm looking at TGTableLayout introduced by you some time
> ago.  The question: - why do you introduced additional layout hints
> kLHintsFillXX, kLHintsShrinkXXX which seems to be dublicates of
> kLHintsExpandXXX?

I stole the TGTableLayout code almost directly from GTK's table widget
which had all three options.  The fill/shrink apply to the individual
table cells and are orthogonal to each other.  Expand applies to the
whole table.

>From the GTK tutorial doc:

Fill: If the table box is larger than the widget, and 'fill' is
specified, the widget will expand to use all the room available.

Shrink: If the table widget was allocated less space then was
requested (usually by the user resizing the window), then the widgets
would normally just be pushed off the bottom of the window and
disappear. If 'shrink' is specified, the widgets will shrink with the

Expand: This will cause the table to expand to use up any remaining
space in the window.


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