[ROOT] strange root bug

From: daan (hubert@hep.iihe.ac.be)
Date: Mon Aug 30 2004 - 11:57:00 MEST


I experience following strange root (4.00/04) behaviour on my gcc2.95.3
suse 8.0 box:

When I try to load a root-file with

 root -l file.root

nothing appears when looking at directory contents with .ls
Moreover, when I try a "TBrowser b" in the same ROOT session no window
appears. Also all tab completions for root classes seem to be gone.

When I close this root4.00/04 session and use another root version
(3.10/02) the same problem remains. It seems not to depend on the
ROOT version.

I could get rid of this behaviour, but have no idea how I did it. The
problem appears to be occuring at random: sometimes it works, sometimes it
doesn't work.

Could this be related to the fact that my root file is in a directory
which contains "." in the basename (/blablabla/NN.showers/analysis)? This
is the only thing I could possibly think of. Although after the problem
has appeared for a root file in /blablabla/NN.showers/analysis, it also
occurs for root files in /blablabla/NN/analysis...

This is the first time I saw this, and I am completely puzzled. I have
absolutely no idea what is happening. It seems to be completely random...

Could someboday help me out?



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