Re: [ROOT] CINT/DataMbr

From: Elias Athanasopoulos (
Date: Wed Sep 01 2004 - 15:02:34 MEST

Dear Wim,

On Wed, Sep 01, 2004 at 03:37:18PM -0700, wrote:
> Elias,
> > So, I am looking for a way to grab the value of fNpfix, as long
> > as I have the Class name (TMinuit for example), an instance and
> > the name of the member (fNpfix in the example case).
> Yes, this can be done. PyROOT uses it to grant access to public data
> members. Please have a look at: root/pyroot/src/PropertyHolder.cxx. You
> can use the TDataMember info that you get from your TClass to calculate
> the offset from the instance pointer.

Yes. This is exactly what I was looking for. I would try to 
add a similar functionality to the Ruby module in the next
few days. Thank you.

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