[ROOT] Seg. Fault with ROOT 4.00/08 but not with ROOT 3.10/02

From: Julien Bolmont (julien.bolmont@gamum2.in2p3.fr)
Date: Fri Sep 03 2004 - 16:30:31 MEST


I'm working on a software based on the ROOT framework. I'm wortking on 
RH7.3 with gcc 2.96.
My software works perfectly fine when I use ROOT version 3.10/02 but 
when I tried ROOT 4.00/08, I sudenly got troubles.

Here is a quick explanation of what I'm doing :
I have one object (celled TExpositionMap) in which I store a pointer to 
a TH2D object (let's call it h). Several objects TExpositionMap are 
stored in a TObjArray during the execution to achieve some calculations 
with the content of different histograms h.  The TH2D object exists 
when I fill the object array but seems to desappear after so that any 
operation on h (h is obtained with TObjArray::At()) like 
GetBinContent() triggers a Seg. Fault.

Given these (maybe poor) explanations, could you give me a hint about 
what could happen ?

Thanks for your answer !

Julien Bolmont
Ingénieur diplômé - doctorant
Groupe d'Astroparticules de Montpellier

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