[ROOT] SetKFIN in TPythia6

From: Suyong Choi (alesis1001@yahoo.com)
Date: Sun Sep 12 2004 - 22:12:31 MEST


I just found that SetKFIN doesn't work as I had
expected. This is because in fortran KFIN(2,-40,40)
whereas in TPythia6Calls.h, it's

struct Pysubs_t {
  int    MSEL;
  int    MSELPD;
  int    MSUB[500];
  int    KFIN[81][2];//
  double CKIN[200];

 void        SetKFIN(int i, int j, Int_t kfin=1) {
fPysubs->KFIN[j-1][i-1] = kfin; }

so, if one follows the pythia manual and calls SetKFIN
with negative j, then one ends up doing something

So, I'd like to suggest that GetKFIN and SetKFIN be

Int_t GetKFIN(int i, int j) { return
fPysubs->KFIN[j+40][i-1]; }

void SetKFIN(int i, int j, Int_t kfin=1) {
fPysubs->KFIN[j+40][i-1] = kfin; }


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