[ROOT] Problems merging ntuples with Version 3.05/07

From: Alessio Sarti (Alessio.Sarti@lnf.infn.it)
Date: Wed Sep 22 2004 - 11:19:36 MEST

Hi all,
I'm trying to merge some ntuples with Version 3.05/07 and I'm having
problems with the produced ntuple.
The merging of the trees shows no problem:
the macro runs fine and I can open the "merged" file.
I can even call the Draw() function on the merged TTree.
But when I try to use the Scan() function or the Show or the Loop one I
have problems.

The merged ntuple contains TVectors (below I show the content of my

//Declaration of leaves types
   Int_t           evt;
   Int_t           nadc;
   Int_t           ntdc;
   Int_t           ntdc128;
   Int_t           adcM[8][1];
   Int_t           tdcM[8][1];
   TVector         *Shit;
   TVector         *Sch;

//List of branches
   TBranch        *b_evt;   //!
   TBranch        *b_nadc;   //!
   TBranch        *b_ntdc;   //!
   TBranch        *b_ntdc128;   //!
   TBranch        *b_adcM;   //!
   TBranch        *b_tdcM;   //!
   TBranch        *b_Shit;   //!
   TBranch        *b_Sch;   //!

Here's my problem..

root [1] ((TTree*)gDirectory->Get("data"))->Scan();
*    Row   *       evt *      nadc *      ntdc *   ntdc128 *      adcM *
tdcM *      Shit *       Sch *

 *** Break *** segmentation violation
 Generating stack trace...
/usr/bin/c++filt: unknown demangling style `gnu-new-abi'
Root >

I've used the merging routine to merge other root files and everything
works fine: am I doing something wrong or there's a problem merging

Thanks for any advice or help,

Alessio Sarti     INFN Frascati

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