[ROOT] Linking external libraries

From: Salvatore Rappoccio (rappoccio@heplcdf2.harvard.edu)
Date: Wed Sep 29 2004 - 18:17:53 MEST


I have a problem linking an external library in CINT.

I compile several object files

a.o b.o c.o

a.o depends on a class defined in a shared library libMyObjs.so (let's 
say class d is in libMyObjs.so).

I now want to make a shared library to load into ROOT of a,b, and c via:

KCC -O (lots of options for KAI in linux) a.o b.o c.o libMyObjs.so -o libObjsForRoot.so

When I do this in CINT, I get:

/cdf/software/products/root/v3_05_07cKCC_4_0/Linux+2.4/bin/root.exe: relocation error: 
(my_directory)libObjsForRoot.so: undefined symbol: (d's constructor)

I have loaded both libMyObjs.so and libObjsForRoot.so in the root session 
via gSystem->Load("libMyObjs.so") and ("libObjsForRoot.so"), in that 

Any ideas as to how to get this to work?

Sal Rappoccio

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