[ROOT] uniform text size for multiple pads in same canvas

From: Peter Steinberg (peter.steinberg@bnl.gov)
Date: Mon Oct 04 2004 - 16:21:40 MEST

I am trying to make a canvas with multiple pads of
different size (say a 2:3 aspect ratio canvas with a
"square pad" on the top and a rectangle in the bottom).
When i put my 2D histograms into these pads (in order
to overlay various TGraphErrors), i have always had
trouble making sure the axis labels and titles had the
same font size.  The usual values (e.g. 0.06) have
very different results when the pad aspect ratios
are so different.

Does anyone have any advice on how to make sure i have
the same text size everywhere on my canvas, even with
very different size (& aspect ratio) pads?


Dr. Peter Steinberg

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