[ROOT] shared libs

From: Margar SIMONYAN (simonyan@mail.cern.ch)
Date: Tue Oct 05 2004 - 18:45:24 MEST

Dear users of ROOT 

I have several classes which I am compiling from CINT and loading the 
shared libraries from rootlogon.C The class dependency is the following

class TileFile{ ... //abstract base class}
class Tile23 :public TileFile {...}
class Tile02 :public Tile23{...}
class Tile03 :public Tile23{...}
class Tile04 :public TileFile{...}
class TileInfo {...//some useful thinks}
class TileAlg { TileFile * t; //polymorphic
                TileInfo i; ...}

If I change something local in Tile04 then is it necessary to re-compile 
and re-load TileFile and TileAlg ?
In Tile04 I am adding friend to fChain using TTree::AddFriend().
All classes in the hierarchy have virtual destructors with the 
following implementation (Tile23, Tile02, Tile03, Tile04)
if (!fChain) return;
 delete fChain->GetCurrentFile();  

but Tile04::~Tile04() makes CINT crash. I suppose it depends on 
TTree::AddFriend(), any idea ?

Best regards,

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