[ROOT] TFormula parameter name parsing

From: Roland Kuhn (rkuhn@e18.physik.tu-muenchen.de)
Date: Mon Oct 11 2004 - 21:38:31 MEST


I'd like to use TFormula's parsing capabilities in a ROOT application. 
The problem is, that parameters with real names (like "sigma") cannot 
be readily used since they trigger an error 30 (bad numerical 
expression). Going through the formula in a pre-parsing step and 
replacing the names with [0], [1], and so on kind of defeats the 
purpose of this excercise, as I would need to write a parser myself, 
which would have to know about all the special names ("sin", ...). 
Unless someone can suggest a better solution, I would insert some code 
into TFormula::Analyze so that the "error 30" case (after everything 
else has been tried) is replaced by looking through the list of 
parameter names, replacing this token with the appropriate [n] action, 
adding it to the list first if it didn't yet exist. This should 
probably be configurable as it changes the user interface considerably. 
It's the first time I dig so deeply into ROOT, so if you have any help 
to offer, I would kindly accept any suggestions you wanted to make.


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