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Date: Thu Oct 14 2004 - 21:38:46 MEST


The iostream CINT implementation used for gcc 2.96 is indeed typedefing
ostrstream to ostringstream.
Fixing the problem would requires to regenerate this layer (and possibility
having to modify some of the header file used in the process).


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Hi all,
I have a problem with dictionary generated by rootcint and ostringstream.
We have a class EsafMsg inheriting from ostringstream. It compiles well,
both source and rootcint dictionary, on RedHat 9, gcc 3.32 but when I mov to
RedHat 7.2 gcc 2.96 something strange happens.
rootcint misinterpret ostringstream and put in the dictionary "ostrstream"
instread of "ostringstream". g++ compiles EsafMsg, no errors, but when tries
to compile the dictionary complains because "ostrstream" is not defined.
The same error applies also to "stringstringbase" <--> "strstringbase"
I have to add that the linux boxes I'm trying to compile EsafMsg on are in
Lyon Computer Center and it's very likely that rootcint get fooled by some
local setting.
I've also checked the dictionary created on RH9 and there "ostringstream" is
used correctly.
My question is: there is a way to understand why or where rootcint decide to
use ostrstream instead of  ostringstream?



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