[ROOT] TFitter / TMinuit Constructor problem

From: Jiri Kvita (qitek@mail.cern.ch)
Date: Tue Nov 02 2004 - 16:51:46 MET


Apologies for not specifying more, I am therefore resending my problem:

I would like to ask whether there is a problem using TFitter and TMinuit
in a Makefile-based compiled code?
Both g++ and KCC are complaining not to know the TFitter constructor, e.g.
// this is fine:
 TFitter* fitter = 0;
// but this complains:
 Int_t Npar=5;
 TFitter* fitter = new TFitter(Npar);

 undefined reference to `TFitter::TFitter[in-charge](int)'
 undefined reference to `TFitter::__ct(int)'

(similar feature occurs when trying to allocate TMinuit, but I suppose I 
can use gMinuit when TFitter is initialized)

I checked I have libMinuit.so in my path in -L option.
I have tried both ROOT 3.05 and 4.00.

I am attaching a compressed tar which contains all sources and Makefile.
My system is Fedora II, I use root-config --cflags and
root-config --libs.
main() is in Response_draw.cpp, problem occurs in fitResponse.cpp.
Thank you very much for any help,

                        jiri kvita

    Jiri Kvita, jiri.kvita@cern.ch, kvita@fnal.gov, qitek@matfyz.cz  
   Charles University, Prague, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics  
 	      Institute of Particle and Nuclear Physics
      FyzWeb - pages on physics! (in Czech) http://fyzweb.cuni.cz

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