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Date: Wed Nov 03 2004 - 20:43:51 MET


This problem comes from usage of tmpfile(), which create the temp file
in the root ( C:\ ) directory. 
To solve the problem, Root must be built with the flag G__TMPFILE
defined in the compiler options. 

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I just downloaded root 4.00/08[1], the recommended version,
and extracted it to c:\Program Files\root. I have set the environment
variables like that (confirmed with the "set" command):

HOME=c:\Documents and Settings\chris   (== %USERPROFILE)
ROOTSYS=c:\Program Files\root
PATH={way too much stuff};c:\Program Files\root\bin

now if I start rootn.exe it is found in my path but it complains about
not being able to write some files, and it crashes for example if I try
tab-completion ( for example: "gEnv->Print(<TAB>" ).

I found out that those files are created in C:\. If I make c:\ writeable
to the user running rootn.exe (by issuing cacls c:\ /e /g chris:F) it
works as expected, but of course that behaviour is not desireable.

Which environment variable does root look at when building temporary
filenames? Or is there some other cure for that problem?



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