[ROOT] TTree::GetEntry crashing

From: Carlos Muņoz Camacho (cmunoz@clipper.ens.fr)
Date: Sun Nov 07 2004 - 14:51:59 MET


   I have some events in my root file that for some reason (which I don't
might want to find out if possible) crash when I do tree->GetEntry to read
them. I would be happy if I could just skip them, as there are only a few
of them, so that my program could keep running. Is there a way to test the
event is good before getting the tree entry? This is the kind of message
I'm getting before crashing

R__unzip: error during decompression
Error in <TBasket::ReadBasketBuffers>: fNbytes = 18571, fKeylen = 88,
fObjlen = 104812, noutot = 0, nout=0, nin=18483, nbuf=104812
Error in <TBranchElement::GetBasket>: File:
/work/halla/dvcs/disk2/cosmpa/dvcs_4139_33.root at byte:306243284,
branch:(null), entry:167482972



This is ROOT 4.00/08, gcc 3.2.3, on a Linux box.

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