Re: [ROOT] Re: ROOT + GEANT4 (fwd)

From: Jacek M. Holeczek (
Date: Tue Nov 09 2004 - 12:18:22 MET

As suggested by Fons, adding in the small test program XInitThreads()
immediately before the XtAppInitialize(...) cures the problem on both
systems ... (Fons rulez :-)

I think I know what needs to be done ..
1. modify the $G4INSTALL/source/interfaces/common/src/ adding in
the constructor:
	Arg          xargs[1];
	XtSetArg     (xargs[0],XtNgeometry,"100x100");
	#ifdef _REENTRANT
	topWidget    = XtAppInitialize (&appContext,a_class
2. recompile the whole G4 ADDING the "-pthread" flag to the options.

The G4Xt is internally used by BOTH the Xm and Xaw base G4UI ...
This should cure the problem for good ...

In the future, somehow an "automatic" way of adding the "pthread" option
to compiler flags should be found ...

Best regards,

P.S. Have I already mentioned that I believe that quick and comprehensive
     help can be achieved from the ROOT team? :-)

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