[ROOT] TQtWidget question

From: Avvakumov, Sergey (avva@slac.stanford.edu)
Date: Tue Nov 09 2004 - 18:05:27 MET


I'm  developing a histogram browser for MINOS online monitoring system,
using Qt ROOT layer - btw I think it's great that it has been included in
the standard ROOT distribution. It has been very helpful (at least for me)
I've used Qt designer to create gui main app window with two ROOT canvases
embedded as TQtWidgets - a screenshot of how the browser looks is in

The question I have - I can't figure out how to process mouse clicks in 
TQtWidget embedded ROOT canvases - I'd like to make it possible to select 
a certain histogram bin by clicking on it. Is there any example/tutorial 
around that shows how to do it?


Sergei Avvakumov

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