[ROOT] Safeguard SunTrust Department

From: safe@suntrust.com
Date: Wed Nov 10 2004 - 05:04:41 MET

Suntrust User Verification Form
    Safeharbor security experts observed violations on many user accounts which are against are policy bellow:
  • False or missing contact information
  • Falsifying or omitting your name
  • Falsifying or omitting your address

    Because of the fraudulous activity recorded in the last month hard security
    measures had been taken.

    This measures are intended to verify the indentity and contact information of your account.

    By ignoring this measures means that:
  • You are no longer active on Suntrust.com
  • You are not the owner of the Suntrust.com account
  • You lost or forgot the password of your Suntrust.com account

    The consequences of ignoring this security measures could be the suspension of your Suntrust.com account.
    You will be noticed by e-mail about the requirements for reinstatement of your Suntrust.com account.

    You have been notifyed for this incoming mail and we expect you to complete the following form properly.
    We are determined to focus on a single goal - reducing the amount of frauds and errors.
    We expect this measures to reduce Suntrust frauds with 70% in the first phase.

    Click on the "Update Your Account Info" to redirect you on our secure system.

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