Re: [ROOT] THtml and Contet menu

From: Matt Palmer (
Date: Thu Nov 11 2004 - 12:40:43 MET


This announcement worries me.  Firstly you mention the creation of yet 
another web browser.  I already have several perfectly good web browsers 
on my computer and I suspect all of them are somewhat better (faster, 
more secure etc etc) than TGHtml will be.

More worryingly though is the announcement about this help.root file. 
Does this mean that the ROOT documentation will no longer be available 
as good decent, normal, portable HTML?  Will I be locked in to using 
TGHtml to read the ROOT documentation?  Or will I still be able to use 
Mozilla or Firefox or whatever?

Perhaps a simpler way of achieving this would be to provide links to 
HTML documentation that open in an external browser (the mechanisms for 
doing this are admittedly platform dependent).


Rene Brun wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> Good that you ask this question!
> We are just about to introduce a new class TGHtml.
> We intend to use this class to browse any html document and in particular
> the ROOT documentation itself that will be available in super compressed
> form in $ROOTSYS/etc/help.root.
> Axel Naumann is working on a modification of THtml that will generate help.root
> file automatically (or any user classes).
> The idea that you should be able to get quickly the help from the browser,
> the command line, the pad, etc.
> The TGHtml class could be used to browse any kind of document. One could even
> imagine that stdout from ROOT could be automatically hyperlinked with this
> class.
> TGHtml will be introduced in CVS before the production release in December.
> The adaptation to the ROOT help system is scheduled for the first quarter of
> next year.
> Rene Brun
> Thomas Bretz wrote:
>>Dear all,
>>I have a suggestion:
>>It would be nice if there would be an option in the context menu of a
>>class drawn to a pad (eg TH1F in a canvas) to show the class description
>>as plain text on the console. I don't know how a implementation could
>>look like without storing the whole class description in the executable
>>and without starting a browser. Maybe it is possible to compile the
>>class description text into a root file which can be opened by the user.
>>If such a 'docu' file is open the corresponding help-entry appears in
>>the context menus. Through the TBrowser now all class descriptions would
>>be acessible. This gives an easy interface to an online-help in programs.
>>What do you think?
>>Best regards,

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