[ROOT] Problems with seeing hatching/cross-hatching in ghostview (fwd)

From: Claire Gwenlan (c.gwenlan1@physics.ox.ac.uk)
Date: Thu Nov 11 2004 - 16:53:22 MET


There is a problem I've had for a while now, in many different versions of 
ROOT (although I am currently using v4.00/06). The problem is that when I 
use a fill style, particular examples being hatching or cross-hatching 

h->SetFillStyle(3004)    for example,

then although the hatching is clearly there on the plot (both on the 
canvas and when I print the resulting postscript file out), when I 
actually view the postscript, you can't see the hatching unless I switch 
off anti-aliasing. I've never asked a question about it before because 
usually I can work around it i.e. mostly I print it out and then there is 
no problem. However, very soon similar plots need to be put in a paper and 
so I realy need to be able to see the hatching even when anti-aliasing is 
on since people reading the paper will, of course, not neccesarily kow to 
do this.

I have never seen this difficulty in PAW. Is there something I can do to 
sort it out e.g. is the postscript level of relevance?



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