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From: j.rademacker1@physics.ox.ac.uk
Date: Thu Nov 11 2004 - 19:20:39 MET


I'm trying to write an object I have to a root file, from within root. I
compile my code with the + option and then run it in batch mode.

In my class header, I have the ClassDef macro, and in my .C file the
correspondig ClassImp macro. I have that for all classes involved, and
the class I want to save inherits from TObject (other classes that are
members of this one don't inherit from TObject, but I guess that doesn't
matter?). Everything compiles fine. My program even produces a non-empty
output file. But when I want to read it back in, I get the following
run-time error:

Warning in <TStreamerInfo::BuildOld>: Cannot convert
UHTDecay::stableParts from type:vector<
UHTTrack> to type:UHTTrkListType, skip element

Now UHTTrkListType is just a typedef for std::vector<UHTTrack>. So there
is no conversion to be done. What am I doing wrong? Can I use typedefs
at all? And vectors? If so, how do I get root to know about them?

Thanks a lot!


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