[ROOT] h2root and root v04/008 problem (?)

From: Reinhardt Chamonal (chamonal@ph.ed.ac.uk)
Date: Fri Nov 12 2004 - 13:20:05 MET

Since we installed the new version of root v4/08 (an update from v4/01) 
h2root doesn't seem to  convert my .rz ntuples properly.
here is what I do:

h2root r222.rz h2root.root 0

Now, on an old converted file (with version 4/01) my program runs fine. I 
however noticed that the program was failling to properly read the 
branches on newly converted files. So I deleted the old converted file and 
replaced it with a new to check it wasn't jsut this file. 
I have now the same problem with my new converted file: 
it does the conversion but when I run my program 
it dosen't seem to be able to read the entries properly anymore. (I have 
been stupid as I should had renamed my old version as a reference)
Here is the code.. he doesn't seem to be able to fullfil my if statement.
where I have a cout command.. (which worked on the old converted 
file before)

 const long cc=40000;
  float norm[cc];
  int pixid[cc];
  int pdid[cc];
  int dc;
  TBranch* b_nch=t->GetBranch("nch");
  TBranch* b_norm=t->GetBranch("norm");
  TBranch* b_pdid=t->GetBranch("pdid");
  TBranch* b_pixid=t->GetBranch("pixid");

  for(int i=0;i<ne;i++){
    if (((i+1) % 1000) == 0) cout<<i+1<<endl;
    for(int j=0;j<dc;j++) {
      for(int k=1;k<=64;k++){

	if (pixid[j]==k &&pdid[j]==3){



I know it's a bit vague but could it be that there is a conflict with the 
new version of root ? Or am I being stupid somewhere. I tought I ask you 
before annoying my sys-admin with a request to go back to the old version of root. 


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                               School of Physics 
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