Re: [ROOT] TPGON and OpenGL - X3D and Shift interface

From: Christian Holm Christensen (
Date: Wed Nov 17 2004 - 01:27:37 MET

Hi Again, 

On Tue, 2004-11-16 at 16:18 +0100, Rene Brun wrote:
> Christian,
> I cannot comment on Castor. The installation procedure works OK on Unix systems
> and Windows. This is OK.

I think I didn't make myself clear:  Where do I get the source code for
the SHIFT libraries ROOT requires?  Is is at

If so, shouldn't the options really be changed to `--with-castor-libdir'

> Concerning TViewerOIV: it is our intention to discontinue the support
> for this viewer. Our effort is going to TViewerOpenGL. This class provides far
> more functionality than the old OI viewer.

OK.  Why not remove the code from CVS, as it's not functional at all?

The new OpenGL viewer is indeed very nice.  A few questions:

      * However, I really miss the possibility of saving the current
        scene to a file (.eps, .gif, .jpg, .svg, or what not) - but I
        guess I'm not the first to raise that point :-) And I'm sure
        you're dealing with it.
      * Would it be possible to hide the  light sources too?  Ofcourse,
        one can simply turn them off, but that removes the light too.  
      * In the attached script (a simplified version of the the ALICE
        FMD3 geometry), the XTRU objects are not drawn right when you
        look from the nose of the support cone, while they look find
        when viewed from the back of the cone.  When I turn on wireframe
        display in the OpenGL viewer, I see that the XTRU objects
        contain more lines than I've defined.  It seems that one of the
        triangles that make up the XTRU object is `dominating'.  

The new Ged classes are very nice too.  A few questions:

      * I miss the buttons `Ok', `Apply', and `Cancel' (and possibly in
        `Close') in the pop-ups.  
      * Also, sometimes, the pop-ups do not have a title bar and some
        times they do.  
      * When enabling the editor, the canvas may be too small to hold
        the full interface, in which case, one has to turn off the
        auto-resize option and manually make the canvas larger.  It
        would be nice if there was a scrollbar instead. 

[I should probably say that I'm using GNOME 2.8 with metacity] 


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