Re: [ROOT] WARNING about ROOT with OpenGL

From: Christian Holm Christensen (
Date: Wed Nov 17 2004 - 19:22:21 MET

Hi Rene, 

On Wed, 2004-11-17 at 19:07 +0100, Rene Brun wrote:
> Hi Christian,
> Yes, I should have mentionned that the problem is with MesaGL.

OK, I thought so.

> When installing ROOT from source, configure takes first the versions in /usr.
> FedoraCore2 ships with a bad version of MesaGL in /usr
> May be configure should be changed to start with other possible GL versions?

Well, the XFree86 libGL library is also in `/usr/lib/' (not
`/usr/X11R6/lib' or `/usr/lib/X11') as mandated by the LSB.  Perhaps it
would be possible for `./configure' to run a real test to see if the
installed `libGL' is sane or not (it would be possible to make such a
test with Autoconf :-).  Other than that, I think words of caution is
the only approach.  

Anyone using XFree86 4.x should _not_ use the Mesa libraries.  Instead,
they should use the native XFree86 GL libraries.  And if one has an
NVidia graphics card, one should use the GL libraries from NVidia.  That
gives the best performance.  


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