RE: [ROOT] ROOT 4.01/04

From: Faine, Valeri (
Date: Sun Nov 21 2004 - 00:26:04 MET

Subject: RE: [ROOT] ROOT 4.01/04

> Hi,
> When we talk about the Qt-ROOT ...
> I think, the "old" solution contained (by default) the libQGLViewer ...
> Would it be possible to include it again (be default)?
> Just for the completeness of the solution (I know, it's not a problem
> to compile it ...).

The problem is the QGLViewer (and Coin3D see:  ) was a
part of the implementation of the ROOT 3D viewer base class. Since ROOT
4.01.00 this interface was REMOVED and the new one was introduced. The new
one is NOT backward compatible.

As a side effect all custom classes those relied on that 3D interface, for
example the custom 3D viewers and the custom 3D classes can not be used with
the new ROOT version. One needs to do ANOTHER implementation based rather on
the new ROOT one or stand-alone. I'll do that with QGLViewer but it takes
some time. I hope this can be done by the time of the next production ROOT

There are several "design" problems with the brand-new ROOT GL viewer. One
of them: it is not possible (not simple :-) to separate the classes defining
the OpenGL VIEW of the 3D ROOT objects and the new-born ROOT OpenGL
stand-alone VIEWER. Both components are parts of one and the same shared
library. One can not pick the 3D objects and use the custom 3D viewer as it
was with the previous interface. To make the custom viewer (for example
based on QGLViewer or Coin3D with SoQt) many components have to be re-used
"by mouse".

 But this is another story and it has nothing to do with the "Subj".

 Just my 2 cents.

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