[ROOT] TPad::WaitPrimitive()

From: margar@atlas.yerphi.am
Date: Mon Nov 29 2004 - 16:44:23 MET

Dear all

I have a macro where I call gPad->WaitPrimitive() or 
myCanvasPtr->WaitPrimitive(). But sometimes it stops macro execution 
sometimes not. It is not possible to send you a macro reproducing the 
problem for sure. 
As I know in PAW there is wait command which stop a kumac file execution 
and also create new prompting window, so the user can see that the program 
is waiting. In case of WaitPrimitive() user is not prompted. Is there any 
such functionality in ROOT ? 

I am using ROOT 4.01/02 on CERN Linux 7.3 with gcc-3.2
         Margar Simonyan

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