[ROOT] problem matrix invertion

From: PRODUIT Nicolas (Nicolas.Produit@obs.unige.ch)
Date: Thu Dec 02 2004 - 12:10:15 MET


has something changed in matrix inversion code lately?
I have code that is working with ROOT version 3.04.02
on linux and solaris.
We try now to migrate to a more uptodate ROOT.
We have tried ROOT 4.00.08 and ROOT 4.01.02

Both version give warnings:
Warning in <InvertLU>: Determinant under/over-flows double: det= 0.0893 2180
and the result is garbage.
I will try to dump the matrix before the call to make a simple example.
But if you have already an idea in the mean time...

By the way, I also need a way to disable messages and rather recuperate
a status. Those messages clash
with our error reporting method. Is that possible?


Nicolas Produit
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CH-1290 Versoix                 www:    http://isdc.unige.ch/~produit
Phone after 10 Dec 2004:  +41 22 379 21 40

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