WaitPrimitive (was: Re: [ROOT] Moving a 3D plot...)

From: Maxim Nikulin (nikulin@gorodok.net)
Date: Wed Dec 08 2004 - 06:01:39 MET

Hi Rene,

You wrote:
> Before your statement
>    cin>>Happy;
> add teh statement
>   gPad->WaitPrimitive();
> You will be able to rotate your plot, edit it, etc.
> When double clicking you will return to your cin command.
> See doc of TPad::WaitPrimitive at:
> http://root.cern.ch/root/htmldoc/TPad.html#TPad:WaitPrimitive

By the way, the description says:

// If a double-click with the mouse is executed
// in the pad or any key pressed, the function
// returns 0.

If I press any key, all following calls of TPad::WaitPrimitive() return 
immediately. Could you explain how I can get similar behavior of hitting 
any key and a double-click? References to appropriate documentation are 
appreciated even more.

I've attached the script I'm playing with. Also I should say I'm getting 
rather two or three steps after every double-click.

I'm using ROOT CVS on Fedora Core 2.

Maxim Nikulin

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