[ROOT] TGCombo connection

From: Paolo MAESTRO (paolo.maestro@pi.infn.it)
Date: Sat Dec 11 2004 - 02:27:55 MET

Hi Rooters,
in a GUI application I would like to associate to a TGCombo
the action of the method DoCombo.

I created a TGComboBox object

fBox = new TGComboBox(f1, M_COMBO);

and its connection to the method DoCombo with

fBox->Connect("Selected( Int_t)","TGMyGui",this, "DoCombo(Int_t)");

The method is defined as
void TGMyGui::DoCombo(Int_t id)
TGButton* btn = (TGButton*) gQTSender;
id = btn->WidgetId();



Every time I select an entry of the combo box, the method DoRadio
is entered, but id is always different from M_COMBO . Why?
Where am I mistaken?


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