[ROOT] Problem with TH1F::Divide

From: Dmitry A. Shtol (D.A.Shtol@inp.nsk.su)
Date: Fri Dec 17 2004 - 05:19:12 MET

I have done the following operations (just an example):
root [0] ff1=new TFile("/home/botov/work/snd2k/R002-003/work/rootntuple/eeElastic_10deg.$
(class TFile*)0x8f2fb48
root [1] h1->Draw("Simth[0]>>htmp")
<TCanvas::MakeDefCanvas>: created default TCanvas with name c1
root [2] h1->Draw("Simth[0]>>htmp1","Simth[1]>20")
root [3] htmp1->Divide(htmp)                
root [4] htmp1->Divide(htmp)
Error: Symbol htmp is not defined in current scope  FILE:(tmpfile) LINE:1
*** Interpreter error recovered ***

Why first Divide works normally, but second Divide can't find an object htmp
.ls finds it:
root [5] .ls
file: eeElastic_10deg.hbook converted to ROOT
file: eeElastic_10deg.hbook converted to ROOT
OBJ: TTree    h1      tup1 : 0 at: 0x9051f70
OBJ: TH1F     htmp    Simth[0] : 0 at: 0x924b560
OBJ: TH1F     htmp1   Simth[0] {Simth[1]>20} : 0 at: 0x925a818
KEY: TTree    h1;1    tup1

I can use name htmp. For example
root [6] htmp->Draw()

works normally. Why it can't be used as function argument?
Thank you for advance.

Dmitry A. Shtol                        (SND group)    
Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics  

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