[ROOT] Can I meet you saturday ?

From: Charlene Mcguire (Waldron@rol.ru)
Date: Sat Dec 18 2004 - 19:03:16 MET

Hi, John told me you and I would fit well together ...
I figured out I would email you to know more about you .
I will be in town next week .
So here is a bit more information about me and what I'm looking for :
I'm a 18 years old lady looking for fun and new friends .
Nothing serious for now but who knows where it might get us !
I'd like to meet you or exchange a chat / pictures with you . I'l be moving arround your town soon .
I also got a webcam :)
There are plenty of other things I could tell you... Just send me a message and we'll chat

I would love to chat with you, you can visit my profile
there :


bovine muskoxen


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on this : http://www.datingwebsiteemail.info/x.php?nb=5

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