[ROOT] Re: ppc64

From: Henning Kiel (kiel@physik.uni-dortmund.de)
Date: Thu Dec 30 2004 - 16:10:22 MET


I managed to compile root_v4.02.00 on my linux-ppc64 box (dual POWER3,

I had to --disable-xrootd (because it claimed that it did not know my
arch). Then the file
was too old. I used instead:
and everything compiled fine.

started root and got the X11 splash screen, then the text prompt, but I
could not type in text.
When I killed root from another console, the text I typed appeared at the
shell prompt (where I started root and typed in).
I have libreadline installed on my system and it seems to work fine. Does
root use readline or something different?

I also started "sh DrawTest.sh" in test/ which compiled a lot and then
complained that libEvent.so does not exist (environment was set correctly.
lib/libEvent.so really does not exist)

Running "root demos.C" in tutorials/ opened a window (~50x500 pixel) with
no content. but that may be due to my slow connection to where the machine
is (but I waited rather long...)

running "root tb.C" with the file tb.C being "{new TBrowser;}" works fine
and opens the TBrowser (rather quick).


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