RE: Problem drawing graphical cut (TCutG)

From: Philippe Canal <>
Date: Mon, 03 Jan 2005 15:59:09 -0600


The problem seems to be solved in ROOT 4.02/00 (aka I can reproduce with 4.00/08 but not with 4.02/00).


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Subject: [ROOT] Problem drawing graphical cut (TCutG)

Hello all

this is a minor bug but it can be anoying sometimes

When we try to draw a graphical cut (TCutG) with the mouse, we use the double click to close the cut.
If the position of the double click is very close to the last clicked point, the editor adds a strange point that is extremely far from the point we clicked and usually outside the pad limits.

If the double click mouse position is not very close to the last point the graphical cut closes with no problem.

Maybe this is a small bug easy to fix.

root version 4.00/04 on Linux with gcc 3.2.2


Alex Suaide


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