Re: trees of variable structure?

From: troy d. straszheim <>
Date: Thu, 6 Jan 2005 22:42:24 +0100


I've been reading through the manuals, I think I understand the problem differently now. Here is the use case: on a series of events, trees T_1 ... T_n are created. Some trees may contain an entry for every event, others will contain fewer than that.

The problem is to later re-align, event-wise, the entries in some subset of the trees. If trees T_a and T_b each contain a leaf L, I would like to histogram "T_a.L-T_b.L" such that one sees a histogram of the differences between the two L's that are properly matched up by event. If both trees T_a and T_b contain and entry for event N, that should appear in the histogram. Otherwise it should not. The types of the classes in the trees are unknown. Each tree could contain an "event number" leaf, if necessary, for matching. I have the feeling this is easy to do in some subtle way that I'm missing...


troy d. straszheim

Rene Brun writes:
> Hi Troy,
> Could you clarify what you mean by "Particle"?
> In your example below, are A, B and C instances of the same class "Particle"?
> Are they derive from a base class?
> In case A,B,C, etc are all instances of the same class with just different
> attributes, you can create a TClonesArray (test/Event example).
> Rene Brun
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