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From: Gero Flucke <>
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 10:23:58 +0100 (CET)

On Fri, 7 Jan 2005, Gero Flucke wrote:

> Hi,
> when using the gPad->RedrawAxis() the result on screen and in .ps
> output is ugly, look at the axis labels and titles in the attached
> script/postcript.
> I suppose that it comes from the fact that they are twice drawn upon each
> other, but not exactly at the same position.
> The printout of the .ps seems to be fine again, but I'd like the people to
> look at them on the screen as well...
> Is there something else I can do apart from editing the .ps?

I myself found a solution. Instead of gPad->RedrawAxis() I directly draw TGaxis with the option "U" to skip the labels. But it is not very convenient since I have to figure out the correct coordinates to place the axes and my solution requires that for log scales I define the minium of the histogram via hist->SetMinimum() since I was not able to figure it out otherwise (I have to define the coordinates before I draw the first histogram since I pass a list of objects to my drawing mechanism, so I cannot use conversion between different coordinates systems provided by gPad). So I do

TH1 *h = ... //1D-hist
Bool_t log = ... // whether y-axis will be set to log scale or not

const Float_t xMin = hD->GetXaxis()->GetXmin();
const Float_t xMax = hD->GetXaxis()->GetXmax();
const Float_t yMin = (log ? h->GetMinimum() : TMath::Min(0.,h->GetMinimum()));
const Float_t yMax = h->GetMaximum();

TGaxis *xAxis = new TGaxis(xMin, yMin, xMax, yMin, xMin, xMax, 510, "U"); TGaxis *yAxis = new TGaxis(xMin, yMin, xMin, yMax, yMin, yMax, 510,

                           (log ? "UG" : "U"));

// <skip a lot, pass the stuff to other methods etc.>

if(log) gPad->SetLogy();

Any comment what to improve/generalise?



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