Re: TGMainFrame / TGListBox / TGComboBox refresh

From: Costas Andreopoulos <>
Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2005 15:00:36 +0000

Hi Ilka,

> to select all combo box entries? This should be possible only for list
> boxes.

yes, sorry for my confusing statement - I had something diffenent into my mind.

> Please see the example at
> Did you get an error executing the following line?
> ((TGMainFrame*)GetMainFrame())->Layout();

No, I do not get an error but the resulting behaviour is not any better. Now, pressing the TGCheckButton to select all entries in a single listbox affects, in a strange way, all the listboxes in the TGMainFrame:

Normally, they have white background with black letters and the selected entries have blue background with white letters. But, If I use TGMainFrame's Layout(), when I am trying to select/un-select all entries the listboxes become all-blue or all-white making the actual entries dissapear.

The correct layout of each listbox is restored with some additional action like before (eg a mouse click on the listbox).

Thanks for pointing out this thread to me. What seems to solve my problem is:




Dr. Constantinos Andreopoulos, CCLRC - Rutherford Lab.
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