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From: Philippe Canal <>
Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2005 13:43:15 -0600


Currently the only way for ROOT to automatically know if you library should be reloaded is to compare its time stamp to the time stamp of its depdendencies (including your tmp.C).

To manually force the reload (beside forcing the recompilation via tmp.C++), you need to explicitly unload the library:

	.L tmp.C+

> and if I touch the script and reload it afterwards, root crashes.

Humm this is strange but might be due to the fact that one process is loading the library while another is rebuilding it.


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Dear rooters,

for minimum typing and clicking I would like to run three root sessions in parallel and load the same macro in all of them with:

.L tmp.C+

If I change the macro and want to reload it, it works only in the first session. In the other two, root does not like to reload (says something like unmodified script), and if I touch the script and reload it afterwards, root crashes. To avoid the crashes, I have to quit and restart root.

How to avoid this quitting? Can I force a reload of the macro?

Kind regards,

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