RE: Example needed: Character String as a tree branch

From: Philippe Canal <>
Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2005 12:01:44 -0600


You should use either ia TCollection of TObjString or an STL collection of std::string.


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OK, adding a character string leaf worked out fine. But can one add an array of character strings?

The following code compiles and runs, but does not fill the array into the leaf:

char v1secPartName[100][20];
tree->Branch("v1nsec",&v1nsec,"v1nsec/I"); tree->Branch("v1secPartName",v1secPartName,"v1secPartName[v1nsec]/C"); ...
snprintf(v1secPartName[v1nsec],20,"%s%s(%i)\0",,sign[pCharge+ 2],pdg);

After execution the leaf is simply empty.

Thanks for your consideration,

On Tue, 1 Feb 2005, Philippe Canal wrote:

> See $ROOTSYS/tutorials/cernbuild.C and staff.C
> Cheers,
> Philippe.
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> Dear RootTalk,
> According to the ROOT Users Guide, one can have a tree branch of type
> "character string terminated by the 0 character". I have attempted to
> create such a branch, but no matter how I try, I get a runtime error at
> best...
> Can somebody show an example code of creating and filling such a branch?
> For some reason this is not shown in the Guide, and I guess that many
> users will find it useful.
> I have seen that many people, faced with the same problem, have chosen
> to embed their strings into a user-defined class derived from TObject,
> and then store this object into the tree. However for me this is not an
> option, because my environment (SCRAM) cannot handle the Link/Dictionary
> machinery of this approach.
> (Or can it? Somebody with any suggestions here?)
> Your help will be appreciated!
> With Best Regards,
> Stefan Piperov.

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