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From: Dimitris Sideris <>
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 19:53:43 -0000


I just switched to ROOT v 4.02 (win32gdk) and windows xp and i'm running a macro interactively that fills some histos and draws them on three separate canvaces. There is a loop and while looping the canvaces are redrawn every few minutes. When I'm running this with ROOT 3.03/09 on my laptop nothing weird happens. When i run exactly the same with the new version on the new computer, it still runs but the following problems appear. When the canvaces are lauched the appear "frozen" i.e. the menu is not drawn on any of them. Then while looping, no histograms are drawn or refreshed. I use cxx->Modified; cxx->Update(); for each canvas. Only when the loop has finished and the macro has terminated, only then is the last version of the histos drawn.  

On my laptop however the same macro runs perfectly fine and the canvaces are updated as expected.  

one more simmilar problem is that one of the histos is a TH3F. On the older version of ROOT when I draw this histo it comes out fine but when i rotate it the points disapear until its refreshed again by the macro. in the new version of ROOT the same histo is drawn after the macro has terminated (as mentionned before) but the points are not drawn at all (the "box" frame appears).  

Any ideas?  

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