TH3F problem (?) when running with ms .NET

From: Dimitris Sideris <>
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 17:15:57 -0000

Hello again,
I have made a little program that runs under ms .NET fills some histos and draws them. Everything is ok appart from the fact that strangely the command th3f->Draw() produces the following run time error:  

Error: Function PaintH3((TH1*)0x17a6d5c8,"") is not defined in current scope FI
LE:(tmpfile) LINE:1
Possible candidates are...
filename line:size busy function type and name *** Interpreter error recovered ***  

Note that the program doesn't crash at that point. The same macr (almost) runs interactively under ROOT console without this problem. Any idea what's going on?  


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