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From: Microsoft Promotions <>
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2005 20:56:47 +0100

2501 Ohio -United States
Tel/Fax: 001-5016333065
Ref Number :[ DLS/838/587/HT5

We are happy to inform you that your email address has been selected as one of the lucky email addresses in the category "B" of the online lotto conducted by MICROSOFT PROMOTIONS PROGRAM LOTTO .CONGRATULATIONS!!!!. The cyber-Lotto was conducted by a first of its kind automated computer balloting system, where by email addresses(30,000 email addresses), were extracted from all continents of the world. A draw was held in different categories and winners emerged from different parts of the world and they are entitled to various cash prizes depending on their different categories.

Thus, you are entitled to a prize money of USD $2.500.000.00 Dollars Reference number for your prize is:[DLS/838/587/HT5] Ticket number:[KM1/975/77/TEF5] As a category B winner, you have been selected by computer balloting system where only email addresses are soughted,from a total number of 30,000 email addresses drawn from all over the globe.  After an automated computer ballot of our International Promotions Program, only one winner emerged in this category and therefore you are to receive payout of UDS$2.500.000.00 Million Dollars.

 Provide Prize reference number- [DLS/838/587/HT5]and winning ticket number [KM1/975/77/TEF5] for confirmation. In your best interest(s), you must initiate contact within one week of receipt of this correspondence. You may be required to provide any of the above information during the process of collecting your prize. We congratulate you once again and it is our hope that you participate in any of our international programs in the nearest future.

Thank you


 Mr.Dell williams,
 Microsoft Promotions Manager
 You are to provide the below details,to enable the speedy evaluation and processing of your winnings. we advice that you there strictly to their  procedures to avoid any disqualifications and subsequent cancellation

  1. your full names
  2. your full home / office address
  3. direct telephone/fax numbers

and email the above detailed information will be absolutely necessary to file in your claims. Received on Sun Feb 13 2005 - 19:55:50 MET

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