From: Jacek M. Holeczek <>
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 16:19:07 +0100 (MET)

this mail concerns mainly Linux and Darwin (MacOS) users. It may be also of some interest for people who use ROOT with the "thread" option on other systems.

As reported earlier : in order to use the "current" ROOT with the "current" Geant4, one either needs to make the Geant4 "thread"-aware, or recompile the ROOT without the "thread" option (on Linux and Darwin, ROOT uses the "thread" option by default).

I prefer the first solution ...

Please find attached :


These files contain fixes to appropriate Geant4 sources and to both, Linux and Darwin (MacOS), specific "gmk" files. They are prepared for, respectively, geant4.6.2.p02 and geant4.7.0 (it should be easy to "back-port" it to any G4 release one uses, no ROOT specific modifications at all, no dependency on ROOT at all).

The best would be to make a fresh G4 installation, copy the changed files from the attached archives and make a new "Configure -build" in Geant4. (Note, however, that these fixes do not make the Geant4 a multi-threaded application. They make it only "thread"-aware. In particular a call to XInitThreads is added in places where Geant4 "opens" the X11 display, and sources are compiled with the "thread" option).

For references, see :

(Note also that you may face the GL bug mentioned in one of the above "references", which is not Geant4 nor ROOT specific.)

Hope it helps,
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