Pointers of branch objects inside a TObjArray

From: GENTIT Francois-Xavier DAPNIA <GENTIT_at_dapnia.cea.fr>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 16:41:57 +0100


Hello rooters,

Suppose I have a TTree with N branches containing the same type of objects. If I store the pointers to these objects into an array, like:

and if I give the address of these pointers to TTree::SetBranchAddress() by:

everything goes fine. If now the pointers to the towers are NOT in an array, but are in a TObjArray, and if I give to SetBranchAddress the address of those pointers in a TObjArray, ROOT crashes at the call to TBranch::GetEntry(). I only succeeded in making the pointers reintegrate the TObjArray by first getting them into the array fTow, and then inserting them into the TObjArray by the method TObjArray::AddAt(). Is it a feature or do I do something wrong?

Thanks a lot in advance.




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