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From: Philippe Canal <>
Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2005 17:33:40 -0600

 Hi Jacek,

The problem with gROOT->ProcessLine (which appears only when called in the unusual way you are using), will be fixed shortly in the CVS repository.


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> G__add_macro("MYMACRO=Expanded Macro");

A warning ... I've just tried it and I've found that ... a macro added this way is added to the "command line" macros ... It doesn't also work well when I try G__add_macro("G4endl=std::endl") ...

> However, all you need to do is
> gROOT->ProcessLine("G__CINT_ENDL G4endl;");

Many thanks for this hint ...
The "gROOT->ProcessLine", as usually, generates a "segmentation violation", but, using your hint, I've found that the following seems to work :

	static int a_completely_irrelevant_variable = (
		G__load_text("G__CINT_ENDL &G4endl = std::endl;"),
		G__load_text("istream &G4cin = std::cin;"), 0);

Then, finally, I am able to see it in root :
	root [0] .L ./
	root [1] std::endl
	(class G__CINT_ENDL)144910904
	root [2] G4endl
	(class G__CINT_ENDL)144910904
	root [3] std::cin
	root [4] G4cin

I hope that the "class G__CINT_ENDL" is not just a "temporary" solution which will disappear from CINT one day ...

Thanks again,
Best regards,
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