TNetSystem access to directory via anonymous user

From: Sue Kasahara <>
Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2005 22:36:42 -0600

Hi roottalk,
I am attempting to use TNetSystem to view directory contents from a system which has been set up to run the rootd server with anonymous usage. So far I've been unable to use TNetSystem::OpenDirectory() successfully, although I can use TNetFile to open files from the same anonymous rootd system.
I dug a little bit and see that rootd returns the error message:   "anonymous users may not open directories" to TFTP::OpenDirectory when it sends the open dir request to rootd. I'm wondering if its possible to remove this restriction.   So that you know what we're up to, we have long used the rootd server to read data files
at the detector site, but have required an nfs mount to read the directory of
data files to determine which files are available. We would like to remove the nfs mount and use rootd to both read the directory contents and read the data files. The anonymous usage has proved useful, with users only able to read (not write) to the data directory.
Thanks for any advice.
-Sue Kasahara Received on Wed Mar 09 2005 - 05:36:50 MET

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