Re: Gtk ?

From: Brett Viren <>
Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 17:59:14 -0500

Daniele Nicolodi <> writes:

> Hello, i have seen on the mailing list archive some discussion about
> introducing an alternative gui and render based on Gtk-- back in 2001.
> There was any progres in this topic ?

If you are referring to:

then, unfortunately the answer is "no".

> I saw Qt work but but i think GTK is a more promising toolkit (see for
> example the recent cairo integration). If there is any work with Gtk
> i'll be glad to help testing and coding.

Feel free to take what is in that directory if you feel so inclined, but be warned it may not work with current ROOT. I can try to answer specific questions about it.

There are several ways one can consider integrating ROOT with Gtk.

Already the windows version (as I understand it) uses Gtk (Gdk only?) to provide an implementation of the existing TG* gui classes. One still programs towards the TG* classes interfaces so you aren't really using Gtk widgets.

What GtkRoot does it throw away TG* classes and tries to provide a way to embed the TCanvas in a Gtk widget following Go4's QtRoot example.

What would be really great is a way to use GnomeCanvas instead of TCanvas. This would give us anti-aliased plots and the ability to PS print widgets among other things. But, I think this would be Hard(tm).

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