Font error - Debian install from debian packages

From: Chris Roat <>
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 10:38:39 -0800

Hi ROOTers,

We've installed ROOT 4.02.00 via the debian package system (i.e. we did a 'make debian' and then installed the ROOT packages on all our machines). I don't know if that is relevant, but it probably is, since things are different - such as no ROOTSYS variable is necessary (which is actually quite nice!).

However, I have a problem that appears in stand-alone exectuables linked to ROOT libraries AND in *batch* interactive use. When I try to plot a histogram, I get many of the following warnings:

Error in <TTF::SetTextFont>: font file arialbd.ttf not found in path Error in <TTF::SetTextSize>: current font index out of bounds

In non-batch interactive use, I do not see this. Anyone have any ideas?

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